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Oh my god that made me cry.


Oh, wow. That was amazing.


Isn't it just awesome? It was killing me ... The single-file line of penguins, all waddling across the ice! The parent and child penguins waddling together!

And the blizzard part just about tore me up. Like I said, I'm fighting the urge to fill my living room with penguins, because I would never subject them to seals and blizzards, and they'd have herring any time they wanted. A whole living room of fat, slack, mellow penguins.


Oh. My. God.

Penguins are my favorite animal (you all can keep your monkeys!), and that was the cutest thing ever. And the baby penguins! I actually squeed. I need to see this on, like, IMAX.

Penguins! And cute, fluffy, baby penguins!


My friends think I'm nuts, but for me, this is THE release of the summer. Yay for penguins!


Actually, you needn't worry about the cold climate requirement. Many types of penguins prefer warm climates. You are one step closer to your goal of a living room full of flightless cute!


I'm squeeing in a pitch only dogs can hear. I can't wait to see this film.


Mr. Popper would be proud of you.


I just talked this up to a few people last night, and we discovered that it's playing at the Newport Film Festival in Newport, RI, this year. Which is next weekend. So if you're in the area, you should go, it's playing June 11 - www.newportfilmfestival.com.


I have seriously watched this trailer, like, 100 times since reading about it here. I so need to see this film.

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