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Ex-Monkey Ben

Oh, come on. I doubt very much you will find too many right-wingers willing to step up and defend Ann Coulter on that one. Or much else. Now, if it had been George Will or somebody like that...


I'm so out of the blog loop- I hadn't heard anyone defending Cheney until I went to that first blog entry you linked. Man. I love that the one poster tried to claim his heart problem was reason enough to dress warmly for the ceremony (as if there arent dressier warm options/as if he didnt brave the cold last week for J20, as Givhans pointed out).


Well, Ex-Monkey Ben, I remember when P.J. O'Rourke wrote in Parliament of Whores -- in several chapters no less -- that the lefties were pretty ooogly compared to right-thinking people everywhere.

And I ran across a weblog yesterday written by two conservative women who contend that in the here-and-now. The sentiment's alive and well. I don't have too many documented instances of it because, well, it never occured to me to have to keep a "filthy-hippie-name-calling" file.

Ex-Monkey Ben

"... it never occured to me to have to keep a 'filthy-hippie-name-calling' file."

Me, neither. And, you know, that's totally my bag. I'm going to start one Monday, I think. I'll never get an editorial out of it, but maybe it will work it's way into one of the half-dozen or so book ideas I have drifting around my brain. My oldest (and best) file for this purpose is called "End of the World." Ask Phil, he'll confirm.

P.J. O'Rourke is never wrong. Never! Ask Phil, he'll confirm.


I've read one logical 1/2 defense, which is he's wearing a military coat. Not necessarily inappropriate for the occasion, but I thought he like the rest of the administration was a chicken-hawk with no actual military experience.


I believe Cheney ducked Viet Nam-era military service through college and marriage deferments. So him wearing any aspect of a military uniform in an official capacity seems slightly off.


For those who managed - as I did - to miss the actual parka, which looks just exactly like the parkas my dad and his buddies wore to go flying in Central Alberta mid-winter:

This has the look about it of someone failing dismally to brief the Veep about what he'd actually be doing. The Veep looks sheepish and very, very cold. His wife looks dignified and warmer, for some reason. Better fur, maybe.

The next day, to lay the wreath, he wore a long black coat:


Actually I got to this site by googling said author as todays article about Wacko Jacko was funny as hell and I wanted to see what else she had written.


I was chagrined to see she had been behind the Darth Vader's jacket tiffle.


I'm wondering why it's so impossible to google an image of Robin. What's up with that?


Well, I did find one. http://www.lookonline.com/cfda2004/cfda2004-7.html Looks like she's wearing a slip out.

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