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Surely that is a hoax. It MUST be.

It is, isn't it?


At first I thought it was a very funny hoax, but there's a lot of what appears to be genuine Jehovah's Witness material on that site. Huh. Maybe JWs have a sense of humor?


Our cat used to seem so benign, but now that I think about it, maybe she does serve Satan. That would explain why she's always knocking over her water bowl. Right? I feel evil, too!

Poor St. Gertrude really got the shaft by having her saint's day on March 17. Forever upstaged, I guess.


I have long viewed cats as Satan's furry minions - but like Becky I can't quite tell if he's providing amusing back up for this theory, or ruining it for the rest of us cat haters by being serious and scary.


Sars? Sars are you there?


I also enjoyed the bit about lecithin. Who knew?

I do have to concede, my old cat does make rather ungodly noises at five in the morning, but I really think it's her deafness, rather than Satan.


Did I read that last paragraph right where he actually advocates STONING YOUR CAT TO DEATH?


Satire, I think... a little too well written to be serious, and poking fun at some strands of Christian 'logic'.

I noticed that the Jehovah's Witness document that is posted is clearly marked as for distribution to elders only, and to be physically handed over if the person leaves. It is not to be distributed or copied at all.

The other links (why is this document so dangerous?) are down, so my guess is an ex-JW


The bible did not say that cats were not present at Herod's party? Therefore, they must have been there! What about polar bears? Does the bible not say that polar bears were not present? Polar bears are evil, too!


Well, DUH, polar bears are evil! Haven't you been watching Lost?


You know where else the bible doesn't say that polar bears were not present - the crucifixion - that proves they're evil... can't you just picture them: watching... drinking their bottles of coke...


so, i guess it's one more stake that people can lay into me ... i'm officially a pagan going to hell! pretty good for a former youth group leader!


Cat owners are evil?!
This has got to be the MOST STUPIDEST notion that I have EVER heard in my ENTIRE life!!
I have four cats but I am a devoted Christian and I can't even conceive of turning on Jesus, and I took these cats in from the love of animals in my heart AND NOTHING MORE!
So people have cats for pets! Big deal!
It doesn't mean that they are evil!
When Noah gathered up all the animals onto the Ark, did God tell him to leave the cats behind?
No, he didn't.
Whoever this gentleman is, he is obviously someone who has a hatred for animals and he will be judged for judging us animal lovers.


My small cat chewed through the tube of my insulin pump this morning...he just sat there with a dumb look on his face, but I could tell that tiny wheels were turning in his mad furry mind...(the big cat just sat on the bed jeering at him, "you're gonna get in trou-ble..."

Shane Johnson


Lighten up Francis. It was a joke and a quite good one.


I own three of the little beasties and love them all.

Did I mention own? Uh, I am possessed by them, but that is neither here nor there.


Polar bears on coke? Is there no end to the deparvity of Greenpeace?

I suggest we get counseling for them and encourage them to not share their coke with each other.

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