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Boy, do I agree. The last thing we need to do is fuel the fires and paranoia of the right-wing lunatics and their legion of followers.

But these clowns see a chance to make a buck, so they're going for it.


I think "We tease because we love", beautiful quip though it is, doesn't go quite far enough. Those fucking bullies took my country and ideals away and broke them, and since my other option is to sit and scream, instead I'll point and laugh. Loving them is the solution Christ and Gandhi and Yoda would embrace, but we tried that and it didn't seem to help. Sorrow and rage are the natural responses, but it just seems to turn them on. What's left? All I can do is laugh, and laugh, and I think Jon Stewart is responding in the same vein.

Overall, though, you're right on, because this book has exactly the problem Michael Moore's work appears to at first glance. Moore gets so hung up in the urge to be funny that he forgets to emphasize the reason for the anger, which is not hate at all, nor satire for its own sake, but the same frustrated, passionate love Stewart (and I) have for the rationalist principles on which our nation's defining documents were based.

Satire for its own sake is hollow. As I think about it, though, there's a tragic progression that's kind of common to these efforts. Think about what happened to Mad, with the loss of integrity and mission behind the humor as the profit motive stripped meaning from the work. (I'm guessing if there's an afterlife Gaines is glad to be dead.)

In other words, yeah, what you said and more of it.

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