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You've got to be kidding me!! I'm only 20 items into my 105 in 2005 list myself, so I was hoping you'd be all forthcoming about your list so I could copy!!


My list items are too easy for you and I think you already do most of them.

Examples: Keep a comprehensive list of books read and concerts attended. Take a vitamin every day until the pill bottle runs out (if I miss a day, I need to restart at 60). Relax for 15 minutes each day before I leave the house (Snooze time does NOT count). Get waxed: eyebrows, bikini, legs. Go one month only spending money on necessities (food to cook (not restaurant), bills, etc.). Organize CD collection/rip all CDs onto my computer. Give blood at least 3 times. Go to three museums each month while I still live in DC.

(Then there is the whole section of the list of things to do while in England over the summer and books to read.)


I'm working on mine, but I probably won't post it until tomorrow sometime. I'll comment with a link when I do. However, I think that my list will underwhelm you.


Y'all don't give yourselves enough credit.

Also, bikini waxing? That's too hard-core for me. My hat's off to you.


Don't look at me, I only came up with a measly four for myself.


I made a resolution about 4 years ago not to make any resolutions (I was in a phase about boycotting 'standard' holidays that I realized I didn't like, including everything Halmark). Instead, I have a running list of 'things I want to do/change about me' and I knock 'em off as I go. There's a whole spreadsheet involved, and ratings for 'easy' 'possible' and 'dreamer'. Easy gets done real fast, though the dream of home ownership gets closer each day.


Whew, I finally got my list done. You can view it here.


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