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Many of my resolutions (although I doubt I'll reach 105) center on re-learning things I previously learned, as a way of finding joy I used to get from them, or learning things that I skipped by having a non-traditional childhood. So, I'm going to take flute lessons (I played for 8 years!) and probably hang out with some neighborhood kiddies to learn (finally!) how to double dutch. Potentially a Lisa-helmed Ralph Macchio fanclub is in our future?


My only experience with an abridged audiobook so far was Julia Roberts narrating The Nanny Diaries. It was good but for some reason, they cut out the entire sub-plot about Nanny's romantic relationship with the Harvard Hottie. And you haven't known aural pain until you hear Roberts pretend to be a West Indies nanny.

As for New Year's resolutions...finish writing my stupid book.

Have a happy new year!

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