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I'd like to point out that "get a pedicure" is on my 101 in 1001 list [I am way lazier than you are], and I LOVE Toe Heaven, and yet I haven't gone yet, AND going to the Farmer's Market is ALSO on my list and I haven't gone yet, and if I had done EITHER OF THOSE THINGS, maybe I would have run into you, and that would have been delightful. I'm going to let this be a lesson to me. Your list is fab!


I LOVE spinach lasagne and my mom has a really good recipe. But I saw the Cook's Illustrated show where they made it and I SO want to try their recipe! In fact, I was trying to convince Mom to make it that way but she balked. I don't have it in front of me (I'm an online member and get the books from a friend who always gets the previous year free), but I remember it was a bit involved. :-)

So will you make it for me???


As for my list, I'm still at #55 and working on it. Not sure I'll make it before midnight tomorrow night. I'll have to see how slow tomorrow is at work! :-)


Go watch my mom graduate from college. Hold up a sign reading "My honor parent can kick your honor student child's ass."

Hee! And Mazel Tov to your mom graduating. Hope she didn't attend too many keggers.


Dude, that great white is AWESOME. I am totally making my friends take me when I go visit them some unknown time in the future.

I really, really like your book theme idea for the months. I am going to steal it. Except I am not wasting a month, even a short one, on baseball. Because then it would be "February: Sudden Onset of Narcolepsy Month".


Your list is awesome. I have a fantastic homemade macaroni and cheese recipe I'll send you, and would love to get your successful potstickers recipe - I am too chicken to attempt those myself just yet.


That is the greatest list ever, Lisa. I like breaking it all down by month; it seems much more manageable that way. You won't kill me if I steal it, will you? Even if I bat my eyes and look all pretty?


Lisa, once you've mastered homemade macaroni and cheese, can you pass on the winning recipe?


Oh, absolutely.

Also, Mary, when you come visit me again, I will make you the spinach lasagna.

Know what I love? Reading all y'all's lists too. Pass the list idea on, I say.


Make it easier for other people to contact their elected representative too.

You already do that, my dear.

One thing that would make it easier to get your message across, maybe, is if you had a link to one of those websites that has passwords for all the newspapers that need registration.


That's a GREAT idea. You mean something like BugMeNot, right?


Yes! That's it! I couldn't remember the name of it for the life of me so when I got my new computer (and lost all my favorites), I was shit out of luck.

Thanks a million. You really do already make things easier, you should feel proud of yourself.

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