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Re: pilates and yoga, have you checked Bodies in Motion? It might be a bit far for you, [it's on Bundy and Olympic] but they have classes out the ying-yang and the pilates classes I've taken have been good. Unfortunately, I've have to stick to the Saturday morning Pilates classes due to my schedule, but they have TONS of yoga. It's not tooooo terribly expensive [although not cheap], and the locker room is lovely.


14. Find a book club. -- Nope. How do you people find these things? Do I need to start loitering in more bookstores?

::cough chicklit cough::

We have poet of the month in the Poetry & Lyric forum too. Bookclubs are fiction, non-fiction, and classics.

I'm just sayin'.

Rob Rummel-Hudson

Wow, I only had a few, like alphabetize my CDs and throw out my leftovers. I am filled with shame.


Holy crap, you relearned Spanish? Whoa.


I am impressed. Excellent work!


Lisa, if you and Phil come to Seattle in '05, you gotta let us stand you a drink somewhere, just for the sake of the adventure of finding out how much the online-persona matches the real-person (akin to ordering something off the menu you can't quite imagine, y'know?) If nothing else, we can swap tales of Alameda, which we still look back on fondly as a place we would have liked to call home. (Stupid Bay Area real estate pricing.)

Alternative: I know where the Lush store is in Inner Harbour, Victoria. Chiara and I have been talking about a road trip...

Also, I'm very impressed at how much you've accomplished. You kick ass.


Terrific work on what you did. For 2005? Cat Pictures. Everyone loves animals...well, I do.


That is an impressive amount of struck-out text. Well done!

(And, Samantha beat me to the bookclub suggestion. Ahem.)


Oh man... now you've got two moderators on you. Heh.


I think that there is a book club over at Andrew Sullivan's site too (scrambles around on site...ahh, found it) http://andrewsullivan.com/book_club.php


Holy Moley Lisa! I feel like a total sclub after reading your list!

#80 made me laugh out loud. As an ex-benefits administrator, I'd say don't worry TOO much about #89 unless keeping your money where it is costs money (in fees, etc.) I have 3 different 401k accounts and it helps to keep me diversified since they offer very different investment options.

And, as an ex-Catholic and wandering Protestant, your Soul Food section made me long for my own list. I've been following Sewgeeky's adventures at goingjesus.com because I work in the church now and she makes me laugh at the dogma, aim for the spiritual.

Take very good care and Happy New Year.


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