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This might just be my favorite Rage Diaries entry ever. As a former frequent I-5 traveler, I have only two things to add:

Pea Soup Anderson's RULES (though I just realized I've never actually ordered the pea soup -- must get around to that at some point). The gift shop is particularly kitschy-awesome.

No list of goofy I-5 landmarks would be complete without the one and only Buttonwillow, CA.


Oh, dude, I ALWAYS stop in Buttonwillow. The Carl's, Jr. there is a nice place to stretch my legs and get a drink.

Also, I'm glad you liked the entry. Feedback is always helpful.


I only stopped at the In n'Out in Kettleman City once ever and I swear to god some small and furry thing ran across the kitchen floor while I was waiting in the drive-through line looking in the kitchen window. I usually just bring snacks and stop at the rest stops to break and eat the snacks.

I read a really creepy article about Buttonwillow in the LA Weekly a long time ago about all of the murders that take place there.

Finally, the DVD/SUV thing reminds me of the most offensive ad I saw in the latest Entertainment Weekly. It had a picture of an SUV with a woman in the front driving and three kids in the back with a boy playing a video game and two girls giggling over some teeny bop movie on their separate TV screens in the back. And it says "It's the closest thing to a chauffeur driven limo--a mom-driven mini-van or SUV." EW! OKay, first of all, someone always had to sit in front when I was growing up. It was considered insufferably rude for us to treat our parents as chauffeurs. Also, why does it have to be mom driving? What the hell? How liberating, soccer moms are the new 1950s housewives. Yay.


Twisselman isn't a town; it's a road that crosses 5 but otherwise doesn't really go anywhere. My great-grandmother was responsible for it due to a non-producing oil well on the east side. We should be so lucky to have our own town but I would have rather had the oil.


Oh my gosh -- a live Twisselman sharing information on that exit! Thanks for stopping by.

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