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In some African countries, 20 percent of children have lost one or both parents, mostly to AIDS. In Botswana and Swaziland, 40 percent on 15 to 49 year olds are infected with HIV/AIDS. The economy and government services are suffering because, among other things, civil servants are dying faster than they can be replaced.

But by all means, let's protect American pharmaceutical companies patents even if it means depriving people of life-saving drugs. Yes, US companies put the R&D work into it, but isn't that paying off enough at home? This seems like another way to widen profit margins of US companies while hindering a large-scale humanitarian effort. Is that why we want to cure cancer - so we can make money off it? According to that MSNBC article, the FDA claims it intends to accelerate the approval of generic drug applications, and I hope that's true.

Access to birth-control and sex education are two *extremely* important tools towards "challenging of cultural norms subordinating women." Not only do women bear the burden of illegitimate children, but they're more susceptible to contracting AIDS as well. What does “abstinence-first” even mean? What effect is preaching abstinence going to have on a society where a significant population of *children* are exchanging sex for food? How is *reinforcing* the negative stigma against women and prostitutes going to *help*?

Just adding to your grim statistics. Thanks for posting these.

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