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Lisa, that was such an awesome thing to read. I love marathon weekend in New York, especially after the race when the subway is full of runners...I always try to make a point to say "Congratulations" to all of them, and after reading your entry I am even more impressed with what it takes to finish a marathon. Well done, really, really, really. Congratulations!


Congratulations! Being a lazy bum myself, I loved suffering vicariously through your story. What an alternately inspirational and hysterical tale! Wadda ya say you jet on down here for the NY Marathon this weekend? Just kidding, and I think I'll go hide now before you can chuck something heavy at me.

Before I go, though, I just have to say that I nearly wet myself at this part:

"Then I blame you for this," I said. "You're obviously bringing it with you from station to station."



Congratulations! That's amazing, and I'm incredibly proud of you for training, doing it, and deciding to go back for more next year.


Congratulations, Lisa - you got your medal! I really enjoyed this entry, and the whole thing sounds like a truly awesome experience (with emphasis on my awe of you, because I don't think I could ever muster the willpower for a run like that).


It says something, I guess, that I didn't think, "That's sorta gross," until I reached the wet-footed Lurch bit. And as I determined by being Hit By A Car, they don't turn the sirens on for anything less than Imminently Lifethreatening And Only Treatable In A Building. Well, okay, one of my EMT friends blips the siren when he goes past his best friend's house, but that's just to say hi.

Anyway. You? Kicked ass and took names. Was the mystery scab maybe from the tag in your pants? (Man, I'm all about the injury. The hell with the scenery, the accomplishment, and the drama, let's talk seeping wounds.)

Also, my written general might be going better if R. Lee Ermey or someone like him would pop into my office every so often and holler at me. Of course, maybe I'd go mad and shoot him in the latrines. You never know.

Seriously, congratulations to you and Jenn.


You are a superhero! Congratulations to you and Jenn--that is one serious accomplishment.


Great story, Lisa. Makes me feel a little less bad about the blisters you got walking down Mt. Tamalpais with us... or at least puts it in perspective.


Congratulations! What a wonderful story...thank you for sharing it. I'm motivated to try the Disney half marathon in 2006, and maybe go for a full marathon sometime before I'm 30 now!

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