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I put my faith in the immortal words of Seth Cohen:

"I want to eat so much food that all the blood in my head rushes to my stomach and I pass out right at the table."

Leftovers? Not when *I'm* around.

Girl Detective

Lisa, check out the September '03 issue of Cook's Illustrated for their take on storage containers.

I try to use glass when possible. I have a set of Anchor Hocking, which I'm pretty sure I picked up at Target, but I also use old containers from Bonne Maman preserves and Real brand Peanut Butter--they are a good cup and cup plus size.


Well, we're not having turkey this Thanksgiving, so I don't anticipate many leftovers. Steaks, potato casserole, green bean casserole, and cheesecake.

Non-traditional works for me!


We had no leftovers, except half a bottle of wine. But we had duck, not turkey.

If I had turkey leftovers, they'd get sliced for sandwich meat and put in ziploc bags. I don't keep the neck or bones for soup or anything. Stuffing I don't save--I can't eat it again after turkey day for a while. And I don't like the rest of it--yams, cranberry, yech. Desserts keep fine in their original containers w/ saran wrap, usually.

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