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Greg Knauss

My moral criteria has always been: would this animal eat me if the food chain were flipped upside down?

And the answer is always yes, oh yes. I suspect I'd be pretty tasty. In fact, I think hear Snowball and Napoleon plotting now.

Pork: the life you save may be your own.


Greg, your comment reminds me of the one that online journalling mensch Rob often makes: "one has to work the food chain in order to remain on top of it." Rob is being tongue-in-cheek, I'm sure, but the point is that he is certainly no meat apologist.

I'm a straight-up ostrich, on the other hand... I avoid books and articles like the ones Lisa referenced, because if I read them and think about the theories, I'll likely give up some things too. It's why I won't read Fast Food Nation: I don't want my Whopper ruined. La la la la la I can't hear you!


Pork was ruined for me last semester when we read João Ubaldo Ribeiro's It Was a Different Day When They Killed the Pig in Latin American lit. My diet might have survived unscathed if I hadn't visited my sister's barn one week later and heard a pig being forced into a trailer (for a birthday party, not a slaughtering.) I was convinced a child was being murdered somewhere nearby, but then someone said, "Oh, no, that's just Blackjack getting forced into the trailer." The stupid thing was screaming bloody murder - talk about not going gently into that dark night. I immediately flashed back to Ribeiro's story and went to sleep that night with a horrific soundtrack to add to my already graphic visual images about what a pig slaughter entails.

Food chain or no food chain, I'd rather not have my food cause me nightmares. But I do miss bacon...ignorance is bliss.


Yes. I miss pork barbecue. And pork-based sausage. And ... oh, the list goes on.

I mean, I've already cut a lot of seafood out of my diet due to overfishing concerns, and now pork. It's getting to the point where the only things I can order when I eat out are beef and chicken, and it's not like THOSE don't come with their ethical issues.

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