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I thought the whole doctrine of transubstantiation meant that the bread and wine were actually the body and blood of Christ at the time you ate them. Given that the tools of the communion will be converted into something else in the process of consumption, why the emphasis on their earthly contents? Also, now I have King Missile's "Jesus Was Way Cool" stuck in my head, thanks.


It's interesting how the sacrament of Holy Communion *has* to be wheat bread and *has* to be alcoholic wine -- but with the sacrament of Holy Baptism you can use any water you damn well please (and it's the one sacrament that anyone, i.e. laity, can perform). I remember hearing the story of someone who was pulled up on an ocean beach from drowning, and they were baptized using seawater. No officially-blessed H20 required.

The story about the wee gluten girl is from here in New Jersey. I could tell you horror stories about our new Archbishop in Newark (what he's been doing makes refusing pro-choice politicians the wafer seem perfectly reasonable. However, it would also be the world's longest post.

And my head would explode at the end of it anyway.


Stories like that make me glad I'm Jewish. No central authority save for God, and if health is at stake, certain practices are lifted, e.g. Yom Kippup fasting for diabetics. Shoot, even a gluten-free matzah alternative would be available for that little girl.


I think that the litertalness of the transubstantiation thing is probably why --- after all, the priest can't consecate a 2x4 and a dollop of tar and have them transform themselves into the literal body and blood of Christ, so presuamby he can't consecrate vodka and a Nutty Buddy and have them work either, nor saki and a rice cake...it's got to be unleavened bread and wine, because that's what J.C. was eating at passover. Hunh. It's weird, I think many Catholics would probably be outraged, or at least roll their eyes, at that one, because most people don't really think too hard about the implications of the literal nature of transubstantiation, in which they are supposed, according to dogma, to believe...hard to manage it though, after that first communion, because the wine sure tastes like wine and not blood...


Oh! My! Holy! Word! I cannot believe this. Corn flour. Potato flour. Oat flour. I don't think Christ would get all bent out of shape about a small INGREDIENT substitution!

As a member of the Church of Recovering Catholics**, I have to add that I loved the chicken joke. It makes me happy to attend that meeting after my Idealistic Members of the Christian Left meeting which, at least these days, can be downright depressing.

**It's kinda of like Alcoholics Anonymous, but I think the jokes during meetings are funnier.


I heard about this on the radio a few days ago, and thought it was absolutely ridiculous. I'm not even sure where to start - the notion in the first place that the bread and wine are literally Christ's flesh (it's obvious to me that the act is symbolic, not literal, but I'm also a Protestant by training); the idea that what they are made of would affect what the Holy Spirit could turn them into (why sake and a rice cake wouldn't work is beyond me); the assumption that God would want you to deny participation in the church to someone over a minor detail (wheat!) that has just about nothing to do with emulating Christ's lifestyle; or in general, the insane legalism that seem to pervade the Catholic church sometimes, completely contrary to the teachings of Jesus as explained anywhere in Scripture. I'm not going to go on an anti-Catholic tirade, but this is just nonsensical, and I don't understand how the hierarchy of the Catholic church can't realize that. It's one thing to try and be strict and faithful regarding one's Christian belief; it's an entirely different thing to exclude people from church because they don't follow a bunch of man-made rules they way you want them to.

On a lighter note, cute joke!

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