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Monkey Ben

The test is fatally flawed. I ended up in the middle. You and I both know that's bullcrap... well, no, actually it's probably right. Which should tell you something about the distinction between red and blue America: It's probably not as sharp as our pundit friends would have us believe.


I ended up in the middle, too. I'm guessing it was because I happened to know who John of Deimos, Toby Keith, and Dr. Laura were.


It wouldn't score for me. I suspect I'm on the bluer side of purple. Which is okay, and hardly a shock, really.


Another purple-in-the-middle here. I think it's kind of a dumb test though (especially since I have a Republican parent, so I'm going to know what at least SOME of those right answers are).


I agree that it's a silly test -- it should ask more questions about what you do, instead of what you know. Or, if they were going to go for what you know, it should have been more obscure trivia.


I'm in the white (middle) section, but a little to the blue side. It's a stupid quiz. Basically, it's set up for the following results:
1) You're conservative if you have a pretty good knowledge of Midwest geography
2) You're liberal if you live in New York or LA
3) You're in the middle if you don't like 99% of films enough to add them to a collection

The fuck?

Personally, I'll stick with my own self-identification, which is: "I have friends who vote Republican, I have friends who are gay, I have friends who love a juicy steak. If you have problems with any of the above, feel free to piss off, you intolerant jackass. Thank you."


I'm also right down the middle.

I suppose I shouldn't take this too seriously, but the questions and the values they assigned to them are really annoying. Blue because I live near a Whole Foods? Red because of where Wal-Mart decides to place its Supercenters? What an odd assembly of stuff. I was hoping for something goofy and maybe a little insightful, because I like taking quizzes, but this is just dumb.

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