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Am I the only one who finds the pizza-sole look (especially when backless) to be...ugly? I mean, maybe it's just bitterness because I can't wear the pizza-sole shoes myself (size 9, narrow heel, non-narrow base, odd bones sticking out in weird places), but I understand the appeal of high stilettos even though I can't really wear those myself either. But every time I see someone wearing pizza-sole shoes, I think "boy, those look uncomfortable and unattractive -- I can see going for one or the other, but both?"

Anyway, Lisa, you should be able to find humane shoes in the store, but the selection is more limited than in previous years. I'm depending on the Internet for shoes more and more.


Three inches is standard?? Not for these size 10 feet. I looooved the chunky 90s and have been quietly avoiding the new, flat styles. The only shoes I've seen recently are ballet flats circa 1983 and I am not going that route again.


Shoes like those are why Easy Spirit has my buisness, and my 9-9.5 WW feet happy.


Size 8 1/2. Rounded heel. Liz Claiborne. Bought a couple pair at Kohl's marked way down because, I imagine they will be replaced by "pizza slice" toes soon. I am ordering two more pair in different colors to hold me over till the pointy toes of horror are gone. Also: Pointy toed shoes are, in fact, ass ugly.


I'm going to have to jump on the "pointy shoes are ugly" bandwagon. Maybe it's just because I have yet to graduate and actually get a job that has a dresscode (implied or actual), but I wear flip flops religiously, as long as it isn't actually snowing outside. On the off chance that I have to get dressed up, I go the chunky route. Pointy-toed shoes just look hideous to me.

We could all start a Birkenstock-esque Kenneth Cole Reaction subcult. I always wanted to be cool enough to belong to a counterculture movement.


Oh good, I'm not alone in the "pointy toes are ugly" mindset. Excellent. I myself depend on Aerosoles -- nothing like a comfy suede sole. And Easy Spirit, of course. Thank goodness we live in the Age of Specialization...

Wing Chun

Let me go further: women who wear those really pointy shoes are bitches. I'm not saying that those are the only kind of shoes bitches wear, but that no one who wears those shoes is not a bitch. I'm even willing to concede that wearing insanely uncomfortable shoes has turned them into bitches. But bitches, they all are.

I have resisted this trend partly because I am stubborn (and, truth be told, pretty dykey in my shoe choices generally), and partly because I wear heels about twice a year, on average. But one still can find round- or square-toed shoes; you really, really have to look.

My favourite pair of shoes -- the shoes I live in all summer -- are a pair of Doc Marten sandals with a very pretty sunburst design on the upper. A few weeks ago my husband and I went for about a four-hour walk all over Toronto, and in those babies I was feeling no pain at the end of it. What pointy-toe-er can say that? None, because they'd have died after the first half-hour.


Yeah, the shoe situation is bad -- it used to be that any normal 8.5 M would fit me, as long as I stayed away from the "Sex in the City" Manolo/Choo crap. I have definitely noticed the toe-box trend, which up until your post I thought was *me* (like, my dogs were getting bigger as part of the overall over-35 slowdown of my metabolism).

I get all my shoes from Nordstrom, and I've pretty much been ordering, sending back, ordering sending back, ordering . . . two pair more are going back tomorrow. I'm in the midst of a search for navy leather flats that I like and fucking fit me, so . . . hopefully by Labor Day a pair will turn up.

I've realized that, the occasional Nine West or Life Stride aside, comfy shoes (that look professional in a law firm environment, as in, no Doc Martens) involve mucho dinero. Thank God for Cole Haan flats, I'm telling you.



Let the shoe revolution begin! Alexandra and I will be the Ken Cole Reactionaries, at the very least.

Part of me is thinking that this heel thing will flop spectacularly, the same way many other trends have died in the water in the past few years (peasant look, anyone? "Ladylike" revival?) since people seem less likely to put up with unflattering nonsense, but part of me is wondering if the Britney generation will be all, "Anything to keep from being like Generation X!" and hobble themselves with those cruel shoes.


Shotrock, have you looked at Aerosoles's "Ever Lasting"? My name should link to the product page.

Viva la revolucion! We can be the Zapatos Comfortables.


Actually, I saw a rather cute pair of pointy-toed shoes worn by a very non-bitchy colleague of mine just yesterday. That said, the second thing I though after admiring the shape was, "Dang, those things don't look comfortable at all."

What I find interesting these days is that, although I used to be a big fan of the closed-toe pointy pump of the early to mid 90s (not nearly as pointy as today's toes), a few years back I jumped on the box-toe, chunky heel bandwagon, and after an intial period of aesthetic adjustment, the increased breathing room for my 8.5Ws has won me over. And now, I can't get my feet back into the pointy pumps without pain; I think my feet started spreading once they realized they had the room.

Keep the comfy shoes for wide feet! But let some of them still be stilettos, because knee-high boots are just more fun that way.

m waye

Why does it seem like everyone is so comfy in heels and I'm the only one who needs to wear running shoes all the time?

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