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You know, I would take that list more seriously if they had spelled Jane Austen's name correctly.


Thanks for linking to M-mv (again). You know, we link you, too: You're one of a (very) short list of blogs we recommend. Keep writing.


M-mv, thanks!

Marj, I see your point about spelling and credibility, but I can see how easy it would have been for a harried editor to think "Austin" vs. "Austen," especially if he or she hadn't read any recently. (Or maybe I'm just overly sympathetic because even after four years of recapping CSI, I still can't remember whether the star's name is spelled "William Peterson" or "William Petersen." Oy.) I still think it's an interesting selection of books, especially in light of Girl Librarian's earlier comments in re: the tendency of cultural literacy to skew towards Dead White Males.


I think it's odd that they list four by Shakespeare, two each by Faulkner, James, and Melville but only one each by Salinger, Austen, Miller, Poe, and a number of other folk who are pretty prolific. They could have gotten a lot more out of their hundred if they'd separated plays from novels. After all, they peeled out poetry as a separate heading.

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