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josh lucas

I know what you mean. I was spoiled by living in Chicago and being able to head to Wrigley on the El.

I know it is fun to mock Dodger fans who head home in the 7th inning but when I sit in the parking lot after a game, trying to avoid an accident, I sometimes think those that left early had the right idea.


God, seriously. I love Dodger Stadium, if only for the many games my parents took me to as a kid, but the parking situation makes me want to stab someone. My solution has been not to leave early, but to just park in the boonies. You have to trudge a long way to the stadium, but the closer you park to the exit, the sooner you get out.


I haven't tried this, but Metro offers Friday night shuttles from Chinatown and Union Station to Dodger Stadium(http://www.mta.net/riding_metro/special_services/dodger_shuttle/images/dodger_shuttle.pdf). Not sure if it would solve the parking lot logjam, but it sounds like it could.

Other Jessica

I was thinking of taking my dad and my brother to a game on my dad's birthday at Should've-Been-Named-For-Hank-Aaron Field in the ATL. And then I thought of the parking situation, and began seriously reconsidering. (The closest my parents ever came to divorce was in the car right after a game at Yankee Stadium.)

There is, supposedly, a bus that goes from the nearest MARTA station to the Ted, but it's not a particularly easy bus ride, and now apparently they've begun charging extra for it.

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