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I know it's not the primary topic, here, but that magazine and its smug owners, wow, wow, wow. (I couldn't drift off to sleep with cookbooks because meal planning and cooking are responsibilities, which make me anxious, which makes me not sleep.)

Lisa S.

I KNOW. They're the wooooooooorst.

And I really think this back-to-homemaking thing is a very, very thinly veiled form of genteel racism.

Lisa S.

Per your comment about not being able to read about things that denote responsibilities b/c anxiety ... this is actually why I can't read interior design or DIY books. Because I am responsible for the upkeep/improvement of all our fixer-uppers, so I end up making to-do lists and the mind starts racing.

For some reason, looking at recipes and thinking, "Oh, that sounds delicious" doesn't do that.


I am no prize-winning homemaker over here, but the kind of homemaking my grandmother had to do is real frigging work that is the opposite of romantic to me.

That aside, Isa Chandra Moskowitz is amazing--and super nice, I've interviewed her several times--and you cannot go wrong with any of her books.


"That sounds like a Portlandia skit" has become a cliche, but...seriously, that magazine sounds like a Portlandia skit.

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