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This post was like a Judy Blume book where you find yourself completely identifying with the child and parent in the situation.


So many kids books I pick up at Powell's and put down right away when it's clear that I can't handle reading it aloud a million times. Or, waaaay too many words. Or frankly just dumb. I did not think I would be this way.

Lisa S.

Verucaamish -- long overdue, but your comment is so nice, I'm saving the notification email.

Amanda -- Oh, that book. It is the worst of Kickstarter-funded projects combined with the most self-consciously "cultural" pretensions of Brain Pickings. I so regret getting it. But Trix likes the pictures, so we basically read a heavily abridged version of each page and skip the blatant racism like the way the Korean character mixes up her "L" and "R" sounds, or the Japanese character compulsively taking pictures of everything, or the oh-so-subtle nod to making the Iranian character a cat (a Persian cat, get it?).

I mean, if the book were written by ... well, anyone else and did not read like a roll call of "LOOK WHAT A SOPHISTICATED AND DIVERSE SLATE OF FRIENDS I HAVE! TRULY I AM A BLUE STATE COSMOPOLITE! BEHOLD ME, BASTION OF TOLERANCE"-type treacle with little discernible narrative, I'd rec it for the art.

But I think a lot of Brain Pickings is like this. I am growing less tolerant of this "curatorial" approach she's got going because the curator seems like someone who's proud of her oppressively discerning taste, and her fetish for quality culture has made her judgmental, credential-worshipping and less able to appreciate genuine organic weirdness and originality.

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