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I have 649 unread items in feedly right now, and 2.5 hours of TV just from last night sitting on my TiVo (wait, The Americans was extra-long, so make that 2.7 hours), so I am probably not the right person to comment. But the approach I've taken is to become busier and then just let things fall naturally by the wayside. Right now I'm busier at work than I've been in the past, I'm getting involved in local and county politics, I'm exercising a bit more, and my youngest kid is only just getting to the point where he's a little more independent and I can sneak a peek at my phone in the evenings.

My one criteria for following a source is high signal-to-noise. But defining signal is tricky, and personal to each person. I'm probably not stretching my brain enough on new topics or media criticism or international affairs. I do figure if I keep trying to do new things, then that will drive what I read about in my spare time. Five years ago I read a lot about photography in my spare time. A year ago it was crocheting, and now I think it's shifting to gardening.

(Probably a hidden key to this is figuring out which noise sources also are a source of guilt, and turning them off.)


Some days ... I just watch Gary Cooper in Sergent York. Old Time Religion with Walter Brennan is amazing. My brain needs to eat comfort food! No redeeming value, no good calories, since I have seen this movie a million times. Just a lot of comfort that I can absorb with some popcorn and soda. Brain nutrition is occasionally overrated.

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