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Cheryl at Busy Since Birth

The mental labor (or invisible tasks, as my friend Liz of Hello Ladies likes to call them) is a huge component. My husband is fairly hooked in to things, via our shared Google calendar and many shared Google Drive files, but I'm still the default know-er of most information. And I agree, that would be the case without kids too, but I think having the work because of kids means the stakes are higher. If you hadn't done the things on your pre-kid lists, there might not have been much lost. But if you don't fill out the medical forms for camp, there's no camp. It's a lot to deal with.


Yes, the issue is that when you have a kid you aren't working for two, you're working for *three*, and one cannot pull their own weight. (Not a moral judgement, just a statement of fact.)

That's why age sixteen is such a big deal in American culture; it's the age when kids can legally drive a car, and a HUGE unload happens for the for the parents.

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