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Incidentally, that's something my mother and I were talking about--not that people are conciously choosing to overconsume, but that they genuinely do not know that they are eating so much food.

There are a variety of reasons for this. For some people, eating is a nervous habit; like whistling through your teeth, fussing with your glasses, grabbing a pen and twirling it around your fingers, kicking your leg back and forth OH GOD IT ANNOYS ME SO MUCH WHEN I'M IN A MEETING AND SOMEBODY IS DOING THAT anyway. Some people just open a bag of chips and crunch crunch crunch, not even thinking. Or they grab a couple M&Ms every time they walk past the jar. Or, like my dad, every time they go somewhere in the car their first stop is McDonald's for a big soda.

For others, they make the simplistic assumption that one "provision", let's say, is one "serving". The old "bag of potato chips with less than 100 calories per serving, the 'snack-size' bag has three servings in it" trick. But this applies to restaurants, too. Double the size of a portion and double the price, people think "wow that's a lot of food, I'm getting a good deal", but they don't know that 2x the food is really only 1.1x the cost to the restaurant. And so we eat our giant plates of spaghetti, getting maybe six servings of grains in the plate alone (and then there's appetizers and dessert and bread on top).


I care about you and your health but I WILL come up there and cram a real brownie in your face, if needed.

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