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Remember that food banks often need volunteers' time more than actual food--and, often enough, just straight cash donations. If my father's experience is anything to go by, the food bank might have warehouses full of food which expires before it can be given away, because the only people who distribute the food are a few senior citizens who can only work one day a week, and the food bank can't hire employees because it hasn't got enough money.

"53% of all babies born in the U.S. rely on WIC to meet their full nutritional needs"

And nraely 100% of all seniors in the U.S. rely on Social Security for their full income, rely on Medicare for doctor bills, etcetera. Is that bad?


Thanks for the prodding, Lisa. I start my new job on Monday--it's full-time and not retail, so it's time to give back in the form of cash.


Lisa, ditto on the time donation. Our community is always in need of people to deliver Meals On Wheels

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