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Here are two you might like. Have you seen Garfield Minus Garfield? http://garfieldminusgarfield.tumblr.com/

David Lebovitz is a funny foodie living in Paris. http://www.davidlebovitz.com/

Lisa S.

I love Garfield minus Garfield! Between that and Lasagnacat (http://www.lasagnacat.com/), that orange cat is enjoying some ironic homage.

And thanks for David Lebovitz! I just looked through and he's now on my RSS reader. You tastemaker, you.


Ditto on the following:
Natalie Dee
The Consumerist

I also dig:

Confessions Of A College Callgirl: collegecallgirl.blogspot.com – She frequently discusses the plus side (?) of the profession, but it’s when she talks about the downside, the site feels real

Exurban Nation: exurbannation.blogspot.com – A So Cal look at the housing bubble crisis

Four Four: Fourfour.typepad.com – An interesting pop culture wrap up, with a frequent features on Winston the cat

Gallery of the Absurd: gallery of theabsurd.typepad.com – Funny pop culture snarkyness with awesome illustrations, all courtesy of the talented 14

Jonathan Coulton: jonathoncoulton.com – Love him, love his music

Mortified: Angst Written: getmortified.com – Awkard stories from pre-teen and teen years (not an RSS feed)

Daily Monster: 34design.typepad.com – Features daily (sometimes weekly) drawings of amazing monsters and the community members write back stories for each. Love IT!

Swim At Your Own Risk: swimatourownrisk.com – Awesome collection of article, links and stories all about the “scaries” and “creepies” that lurk just below the surface

The Sneeze: thesneeze.com – The tagline says it all “Half zine. Half Blog. Half not good with fractions.” Plus he has very charming stories about his kids

ZeFrank.com: zefrank.com – Great links and interesting commentary

How Stuff Works: howstuffworks.com

Zen Habits: zenhabits.net – Achieving goals and simple productivity through daily habits

Boing Boing: boingboing.net

Hot Chicks with Douchebags: hotchickswithdouchebags.com – I think the name speaks for itself

Lisa S.

Erin, I always forget about Swim at Your Own Risk. But no more! (Also, I love the ASCII art in the title bar.)

Also, I am charmed by The Sneeze.


I'm with you on Jezebel and Oh My That's Awesome

My daily list is pretty much this:

Londonist, for all my London news (www.londonist.com) - I also contribute to Londonist (although not as much lately, because I've been a slacker)

The Huston Chronicle comics page (www.chron.com/apps/comics/byocp.mpl) - Because you can customise which ones you want to see

The Comics Curmudgeon (joshreads.com/) - I got hooked on this through Pop Culture Junkmail and think it's so funny

Dooce (www.dooce.com), because I find people who can be fully honest about their lives online incredibly fascinating. And she's funny.

The Superficial (www.thesuperficial.com/), for my gossip. It's hugely offensive most of the time, but makes me laugh more often than not, so I enjoy it.

Post Secret (postsecret.blogspot.com/ - weekly, not daily) - I'm not sure if I believe these are all real, but they're always interesting

Go Fug Yourself (gofugyourself.typepad.com/), although they kind of lost me with their March Madness thing.

Mimi Smartypants (smartypants.diaryland.com/), because she's awfully clever.

I'm not great at keeping track of websites I really like - I often find I forget about a site and then someone I read will link to it and I remember it again.

I also have two blogs of my own (aliceworld.blogspot.com and steveguttenbergproject.blogspot.com), but they've been pretty neglected lately. I need to get back to posting regularly on them.


Oh, I also don't use RSS, although I really should. I don't know why I don't. I am sometimes a late adapter to technology (and other stuff). I realised I should start checking in for flights online when my MOTHER, who still can't program a VCR, was telling me I need to get with the times.


I read the Atlantic blogs (Sullivan, Ambinder, etc.) for my daily political fix. I read you as my "general interest" blog (and also because I trust your opinion: c.f. The Wire, and Oh My That's Awesome, which is now part of my Shopping bookmark category).

I also enjoy the snarky-yet-informative **posts** on Jezebel but...Christ almighty, the commenters. I find it hilarious that we don't have to actually audition for this blog to add a comment along the lines of "index funds are the way to go, and here's how to recycle your kitchen towels" but apparently there's very important gatekeeping involved in saying things like "OMG! can haz puppies? kthanxbai" ad infinitum.


Okay, so I almost squealed myself when I read your mention of us and our Preacher show we did. Please let us know what you thought. A little over the top? Also, when I figured there was a chance you were of the female variety and enjoying us I may have actually teared up a little. Maybe.


Thanks so much for the Natalie Dee rec. Ha!


Ooh, where to begin! Not all of these are up for RSS (I think). You already mentioned xkcd.com, so I'll skip that and a few other repeats. Otherwise, here are the websites I frequent lately:
www.sluggy.com (hilarious internet comic that's been around since 1997. They're currently doing satirizing the 4th Harry Potter novel/book so you might want to read through some of the archives)
www.fountainpennetwork.com (message board for fountain pen enthusiasts-- because I'm a big dork)
www.waiterrant.net (blog of an anonymous NYC waiter)
www.savetheassistants.com (assistants gripe and such)
www.gofugyourself.com (picks apart dubious fashion choices of the rich and famous)
The more common Mac news sites


Aw man, i wrote this long post with all these great sites and I think it ate it as spam.

But you should definitely check out romenesko.com if you're not reading it already.


My uberlong list of everything in my Google Reader also disappeared when I tried to post it yesterday. Typepad told me it was being sent to you to approve as not spam, but I hae my doubts.

Ah well!


Thanks very much not only listening to our show but also for mentioning us on your blog. I hope you are still listening and still enjoying the podcast.

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