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We got free mesh bags from Bloom Grocery store during the DC Pride Festival that we are using for groceries instead of plastic bags.


I find that drying towels in a dryer makes them far less stiff and far, far less rough than air-drying (no machine)... I air-dry almost everything else (including most bedding) but the dryer does make items softer, and with towels I find that matters (especially to us wimps?).
By the way, this is my first post, but I was inspired by all of you to get cloth shopping bags (Mountain Equipment Co-op has big cotton bags for sale), which I now use all the time (after only driving them around the first while, now it's a set habit). So thanks!

drunken monkey

I have no ideas. I think I might have too much on my plate right now to add another thing, even if it's small. So I'll keep up my efforts, and if I do any Christmas shopping this month, I'll make an effort to go with choices that include fair trade products, small-scale production, charitable gifts or experiences over things.


My husband and I are slowly switching to environmentally-friendly cleaning supplies. We'll see how much we can tolerate the odor of vinegar! We're also trying to generally reduce our usage of nasty chemicals. Most recently, this meant clearing a slow drain with a snake (at $7.50, cheaper than the Drano, and it's reusable!) instead of Drano.

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