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More freakiness, seen at the Uptown Art Fair in Minneapolis last weekend: http://uptownmpls.blogspot.com/2007/08/uptown-art-fair-2007-mark-sijan.html

drunken monkey

I think "eyes replaced" on that photo you linked creeped me out the most. CREEPY. This one is also freaky. They don't even look like people anymore.


Jezebel.com said those retouched children (all girls, ahem) look like Madame Alexander dolls--that's a pretty good description. Without the "real" photos next to them, I would never think the retouched photos were of real humans. *Shudder*

drunken monkey

I have now recovered from my shock and can post a (hopefully) coherant reply now.

I think what bothers me the most about those photos is not airbrushing -- though that bothers me plenty -- but the sexual nature of some of them. In some cases, they have added lipstick to babies. In other cases, young girls are already wearing lipstick in the "before" pictures. There is frequent mention of "glamour", and all the kids have a very stylized look that makes me think of Vegas showgirls and grown-up beauty queens. Meanwhile, even the oldest of those children probably hasn't hit puberty yet.

This sexualization of little girls is very creepy and obvious in those pictures, but it's out there in the mainstream too. I was frequently horrified at the clothing we sold for children when I used to work in a department store, and that was five years ago. I'd imagine it's only gotten worse. I think we can have sexual liberation for adult women and still leave children as children, thanks.

Apparently there are pageants for boys too. Yay?


What creeps me out is the whole turning-people-into-dolls idea. Didn't these people ever watch The Twilight Zone? Why would you do that to someone you loved?

Ex-Monkey Ben

Appalling. And so tacky. I couldn't imagine doing such a thing to my boy. And I couldn't fathom doing such a thing to a daughter. Simply grotesque.


To me, this sort of thing was inevitable once people began seeing their children as accessories, not people. You know, instead of "What does the car I drive say about me?" we now have "What does my child's clothes/toys/school/car/college/appearance say about ME?"

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