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The link to the Canadian products site is hilarious! I didn't know Canadian products were in such demand, although it sems a little excessive to charge $2.49 for a can of Rougemont apple juice that I just bought for $0.79 - it is after all, just apple juice.

I don't want to sound smug - but Canadian chocolate is so much better that the US product. However, most of the Canadian chocolate fans I know are always on the lookout for some British chocolate. Although I must say the report of the unfortunate incident at an English factory a few months ago - a sewer pipe was mysteriously re-routed into the chocolate - has sort of put me off a bit.

Laura Secord chocolate eggs = Easter.

drunken monkey

Dude, you want some chocolate? We could work it out, via Pay Pal. (I feel like I should be opening a trench coat in a dark alley right now.) You may have Target, but we've got Cadbury's!

And Jane, it is true. My office is full of Brits and we delight in the treats they bring back to us and put on the office table after trips to the UK.


I am a huge, huge fan of British and Irish chocolate. I would kill for an Irish Easter egg right now. I have a secret stash of six Moro bars in my desk drawer that I won't touch because just the thought of them is too good to bear. I think this is because European chocolate requires more cocoa to be used while American chocolate uses more sugar. So British chocolate is richer and better and amazing. F'em for wanting to make American chocolate EVEN WORSE. Bastards.

Oh, and the air thing is bad, too. Apparently, though, I can only seem to get myself riled up about the chocolate thing right now. Please don't think badly of me!


That's so strange. I love British candy bars and have always though Hershey's was chalky. Therefore I looked forward to buying chocolate during my trip to Canada...and was SO disappointed. All the chocolate I had seemed to have a smeary texture and very little taste (Hershey's has a weird taste, but at least it has a taste). Also I couldn't touch it without making it melty and getting it all over my fingers. So I just go straight to the source for my chocolate import needs. Man, even Twix bars were amazing in England...

Lisa S.

Ohhhh ... British chocolate = amazing. I'm not a milk chocolate fan but the Cadbury's milk tray is divine.

That said, Phil brought back some Cadbury thins for me from Toronto and I am in love. They are perfect.


Just want to add - Cadbury Flake bars, from Ireland. Yes, there is a God and she must be female.


Cadbury Crunchie bars. My expat friend brings me a stash whenever she visits from Kinsale. I, in my turn, schlep Tostitos the other way. Nacho corn chips, no so much with the Irish, apparently.

I'm not that big a chocolate fan. Chocolate chip cookies, on the other hand...mmmmmmmm...and ice cream...


So sorry, did someone mention oxygen or air quality or some such issue?


The U.S. generally sucks at chocolate...that having been said, Scharffen Berger, mmmmmmm. I BELIEVE that you can sell products in the U.S. as chocolate that have SOME partially hydrogenated vegetable oil in them (along with some cocoa butter), whereas in Europe such abominations are prohibited from claiming to be chocolate. Sets the bar much higher.

On the other hand, when I lived in Europe, most people didn't eat peanut butter - they either didn't know it existed or hazily knew of its existence. Perhaps this has changed, but I do feel a bit sad about an entire continent being effectively denied of the magic that is good chocolate combined with good peanut butter. (Lindt peanut-butter-filled chocolates...mmmmmmm GOOD). So perhaps the New World does have something to contribute...or has Europe embraced the gospel of peanut butter? Canada, I assume, is well versed in the stuff, being upwind of American peanut butter, as it were. (Organic crunchy peanut butter...mmmmmm.)

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