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I'm in complete agreement with Ms. Sullivan. Men don't generally get paternity leave, and flexibility after the first couple of weeks is almost unheard of. It's not the men's fault; it's the fault of the corporate environment. The prevailing attitude is that you're (increasingly) expected to sacrifice your life to the company; days, nights, weekends, your every waking thought... In most large companies, if you want to move up, you only do so by sacrificing any sense of private life, most especially family. It really doesn't matter if you're a woman or a man. (Women face more challenges to be sure, but this basic problem is consistent regardless of gender.)

This was much of the reason I liked contracting and consulting - my time was mine to allocate as I needed, and no power-mad managers held my career hostage.

Ex-Monkey Ben

Who's Lisa Belkin?

Sherry Sullivan

If you are interested in learning the real truth behind why men and women are leaving organizations please visit my website at www.theoptoutrevolt.com. Lisa Mainiero and I did a 5 year study of over 3000 individuals and found the reason people "opt-out" [and also opt-back in] are very complex and go beyond childcare issues.

We also look at how and why the careers of men and women are changing, and provide a "family-friendly company audit" as well as a lot of information on what companies could be doing to make workers' lives better.

Sherry Sullivan

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