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Hee. Yeah, secretive german family. That's...nutty. Are we supposed to assume that secretive German = Nazi? And, have TJs ever been treated like corner liquor stores? That sorta surprises me. Oh, how I would love to have a TJ's in Berkeley. I'll root for the secretive Germans.


The thing is: Yes, Trader Joe's is owned by [url=https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aldi]Aldi[/url]. Yes, the German company is notoriously press-shy.

However, the whole quote stuck with me for what the speaker seemed to be implying -- "secretive Germans" has a load of historical and cultural baggage attached, so I was like, "Did he actually just evoke CONCENTRATION CAMP IMAGERY in talking about a chain that's well-known for paying better-than-average wages, funding employee retirement and providing health coverage for its part-timers? The hell?"

I mean, yeah, the store is non-union, but look at how it treats its workers before reflexively dismissing it as evil. Union/non-union does not automatically map to good/evil.

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