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I kind of wonder if it isn't that... if you're shopping for furniture at Target it's not like you're going to them brag about how you have "Thomas O'Brien" furniture. I mean, if you know people who even know who he is, they're not the sort of people who would be impressed that you got your furniture at Target, are they? I just don't think so.

I like the idea of Target bringing in name designers to do lines for them, but it's just gotten to be too much and most of it turns around so quickly. I loved a lot of the things they had in their "World Market" section in Feb, but that section is temporary - if I wasn't in the market for an end table RIGHT NOW, then I'd be out of luck. I remember when they first started with the Swell line, that stuff was there for months and now unless you're in Target every week you miss out on some of these lines. I didn't even know that Isaac Mizrahi was doing furniture for them until I wandered in and bought a bathroom cabinent red tagged for $30. And I'm there a shameful frequency.


I think it is the shoddy quality, honestly. I love the look, but-- the actual product in person looks like crap. I do not know if it is that the display items get too much wear, or if they are just that flimsy, but I can't imagine spending $300 on a piece of furniture that ALREADY looks banged up and ready for the curb.

drunken monkey

We're trying to find our line between buying furniture we'll have for a while and buying furniture we can afford, so these lines have some appeal to me. But I'll second Hannah's point about the quality. It's one thing to buy a bathmat or some bowls, but when you're talking about cabinetry and pieces that have to fit together, discount doesn't always cut it, even with a designer name attached.

President's Choice in Canada has a line of discount furniture and decorative items that sells pretty well, I think.


I think Hannah is right -- the reviews of that line at Target.com mention a lot of broken furniture. Target stuff is prettier than it used to be, but the quality doesn't seem to be any better.

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