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Yes! I experienced the same thing when my budget underwent a serious overhaul, and I deigned to step back into the library to check my e-mail one weekend.

"I feel as though I've just nabbed a secret bargain." This is how I feel, too. I've gone around like a loon, exclaiming about the books, and "CDs and DVDs, too! And it's all free. Free! Libraries are the greatest invention ever! Can you believe they just let you take all that stuff home with you for free??"

Yes, I have actually said this, more than once, in the last year or two. And the craziest part? My mom is a librarian.


It is perhaps a bit warped that the first thing I noticed about the name of the library is that you could abbreviate it the 'Gil Grissom Library. Of course, that is probably because I wandered over here from TWoP.


HA! The Grissom thing is ... I'm wondering if it'll be a leitmotif in my life.


Lisa, far from being mad and wanting to write you hate mail, I (and I would hope, lots of other librarians) am inclined to thank you. Heartily.

You represent perfectly one of the demographics public libraries are salivating over (the tech-savvy, community minded avid reader), and yet somehow we lost you for more than a few years. We really don't do a good job of hanging onto even our best patrons, and we do an even worse job of luring you back, because we are so not proficient at marketing & PR.

I'm delighted that you've rekindled your love affair with LAPL, and just as pleased that you're sharing your story publicly. Would you consider posting more on the delights of your library romance as you two pass new milestones? Like their booksale (which I imagine is spectacular), and borrowing DVDs for free, and other stuff? Pretty please?

You know I'm blogging your post at Pop, right? And will forward it to the attention of the blogger-in-chief of the PLA Blog (PLA = Public Library Association, a division of the American Library Association). How could I not?


One of the nice things about LA is that there are LA Public and and LA County Public library systems.

As with the LAPL, you can search the full catalog and request books from anywhere in the system. (http://catalog.colapl.org/)

I'm pleased to say I have cards at both, as well as the Beverly Hills Library - tripling the fun.

Girl Detective

Lisa, I wrote a nearly identical post in March. I was in a "no spending" zone, but now that I'm out of it, I'm still using the library. It's great for "try before you buy", especially for things like cookbooks and CDs, as well as for recent hardcovers that the litbloggers are talking up. Oh, who am I kidding, it's great for just about everything, though the wait for CDs and DVDs is sometimes long. I'm a member of three different library systems. Best of all, I can walk to two of them! I am, like you, a newly reborn library geek.

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