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My father smacked me upside the head - hard - once when I referred to my mother as "she". I only ever did it that once. However, it has now evolved into a standing joke my mom and I have that when I call home and she answers I say "Hello, MOTHER" and she replies, "Oh, hello, DAUGHTER" and then we laugh and refer to my dad as Bill just to piss him off.


That was a beautiful story Mr. Koyen wrote. His dad and your dad were right.


Thanks for posting this. You always comment on such interesting articles, ones that I would never find myself. My Dad died two years ago, and although I haven't been able to express my feelings as eloquently as Mr. Koyen did, what my Dad taught me, and how we're alike, has been remarkably comforting.


My parents sound similar to yours and Mr. Koyens. My mother is in her mid-50s but her mother was close to that age and had already raised 6 kids when she had my mother. My father's mother had to raise my dad and his 4 siblings by herself after her husband died suddenly of a heart attack at 40. What I'm getting at is, my parents also taught respect and were quite ignorant of the 1960's counterculture. Now I'm going to say good-night to my dad and give him a hug before going up to bed.

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