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"Why do we fear acknowledging the humanity of the poor?"

Because, as you point out, if the poor are the same as we are only with less money and less security, then does that mean that it's not actually possible for good decisions and valuable skills to mean anything?

This is not a "just world philosophy" thing, this is more like a question of nihilism. If it really is just luck, if it really truly does not matter what we do, then why bother doing anything?


PS my wife and I also like watching "Shark Tank" and telling the people what to do.

"That's a good deal! Take it! OH GOD TAKE IT ALREADY!"

"That is the silliest idea I have ever seen, I award you no points, may God have mercy on your soul."

"I am gripped by a sudden uncontrollable urge to purchase nostril filters."

"Of course it's not a unique idea, Kevin, you ask that EVERY TIME and the answer is ALWAYS NO."

"This is, like, the son of Coppa Da Vino."

We should start a drinking game.

*Drink every time a pitch obviously had no hope of an investment but just wanted to get free advertising by being on Shark Tank.
*Drink every time a pitcher uses their kids as props.
*Drink every time the producers do a big human-interest intro bit that has, basically, nothing at all to do with the pitch.
*Drink every time a pitcher cries. (Drink twice if nobody invests.)
*Drink every time Mark drops out before the pitcher completes their first sentence.
*Drink every time Damon drops out of a food product because he's clearly afraid that he'd eat the inventory.
*Drink every time someone calls Kevin 'Mister Wonderful' and the producers cut in a reaction shot of him looking like he smelled a fart.
*Drink every time Kevin proposes a royalty deal and the other sharks bag on him.
*Drink every time Lori says "it's a great product and I really like it BUT..."
*Drink every time one of the sharks has an expression like they wish that the pitcher would spontaneously combust.

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