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I give away all my emergency canned goods to the good bank in December for the holiday food drives and replenish with new cans (carefully checking that they are good for several years.) Combining altruism with never needing to remember whether the food has expired!


Several years ago, I got a call in the middle of the night from my best friend's husband. My friend was having a massive pain attack of some kind (turned out her gall bladder was rupturing) and he needed me to either come watch the kids (4 months and 2 years old) or take her to the ER for him.

I quickly drove over, grabbed my friend, got her to the ER, and we settled in. She was in excruciating pain - I've never seen someone in that much pain, ever - but eventually they hit her with the super good narcotics and within almost literal seconds she was stoned and pain free. She sat back on the ER cot and looked at me and said "oh, that's better Let's gossip!" and for the next few hours, until her husband was able to join us, we talked and talked, at one point mentioning: "It's so great to be able to catch up like this!"

Recap: best friend, lives down the block, and the only time we'd had to seriously sit down and catch up was a 2am in the ER while her gall bladder was rupturing. Occasionally we find ourselves saying "Wasn't that a fun night?" It's so ridiculous, and yet. Here we are.


Hah. We have a bottle of vodka in our earthquake kit. Because, y'know, eventually you'll get to a safe spot, and *then* what do you do? Drink the bleach?

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