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Heh. I came here following a link from Tomato Nation...


As for FlashForward, I think the biggest problem was that they wanted to make "the next LOST"☔️

Lisa Schmeiser

I love knowing where you came from, DensityDuck! Thanks for letting me know.

As for FlashForward ... did you ever read the original novel? It was an interesting idea with a fairly pedestrian execution, but there were still some fun things in there. BUT NO CONSPIRACIES. Conspiracies are the herpes of the TV-premise world.


Didn't read the original novel; the plot summary I read made it seem significantly less interesting than the TV show.

Which, y'know, it did have some interesting ideas. Like, what if you KNEW that you weren't going to die, no matter what? And I think there is exactly one bit of one episode that goes into this.

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