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You and everyone else in the San Francisco Bay Area have been looking for a good alternate to Highway 17, and the best anyone has come up with is to fly to Hawaii, spend a couple days there, and then fly back to SFO.

Which seems a bit impractical but hey, at least you don't get stuck on the road for so long!


There's a butterfly quilt I've been dying to make that I'm completely intimidated by.

I would venture up Highway 101 further than Mendicino. I really want to see Redwood National Forest.

I would go to Sequoia National Forest where my family went camping every summer.

I would actually learn how to amend the soil. I thought planting legumes would do it but I've been getting smaller and smaller tomato yields every year.

I would find five new places to take my dog on a hike.

I'd take a butchery class because I can't carve poultry if my life depended on it.


Oh man, I used to wish for a stretch of unemployment and then it happened :/ Boy did it surprise me how...little I actually got done in those six months. I did a lot in the beginning, the honeymoon period, but then suddenly the crushing depression hit, alongside financial panic that halted any fun, and all my time became Monopoly money, utterly useless and meaningless in its sheer vast endlessness. Suddenly, the only thing I accomplished by putting up the kitchen shelves today was NOT putting them up tomorrow. It was like screaming in outer space. Inertia crept in, then took over. When I finally rejoined the land of the gainfully employed I felt like I was shell-shocked, like I had seen the darkness and no one else knew. It was weird. And unexpected!

Buuuuut that doesn't stop me from secretly fantasizing about a nice two-week bout of funemployment anyway, now that my life has been busy again for a good long stretch.

I'd finish a bunch of sewing projects I have in various stages of completion, first.

I'd clean out the closet. Then the kids' closet.

I'd cook the turkey that is taking up half my freezer.

I'd re-work the office corner of our living room, because it sucks and it takes up more space than it justifies in productivity.

I would paint something and hang it proudly.

I'd take a road trip and finish listening to Pillars of the Earth.

I would find, or make, a spot to keep my cello and start playing it again.

I'd consider turning old blog entries into a book and probably not do it but at least consider it.

I'd put up those stupid freaking kitchen shelves.

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