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I was thinking about this about 2 months ago, when you were on Twitter trying to figure out how to save still more water (I really do think we'll have a return of earth toilets/human catboxes). The next day on NPR's Marketplace the disengenuous L.A. based reporter was talking about the CA drought and her habit of long showers, and I almost punched the radio in rage and frustration. Because I don't think most people will even make small changes unless forced to or given incentives. And without that, why bother?


Nuke China. That's basically all we can do at this point to stop runaway air pollution. Soot from Chinese coal-burning power plants is pretty much everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere at this point, making up a significant portion of the smog in Los Angeles, covering Greenland's glaciers with black carbon. And there is no diplomacy or nagging or heartfelt pleas for sanity that will stop one billion Chinese from wanting clean hot water and air-conditioned houses and big safe cars that can go far and carry a big happy family and all their stuff.


Lisa, you are the zero-ist person I know. Your footprint must be like fairy shoes. I've given up on even recycling (because they put it in the dumps here in Ft. Bend County TX since there is no market for the recycle stuff.) DensityDuck is correct - China has coal and they burn it; they have to import oil and that isn't good for them. I am not sure how ethical it is for us to say "no dirty fuels" to countries who are in effect doing exactly what the West did 100 years ago. We got ours now you have to abide by our rules?


"We got ours now you have to abide by our rules?"

Well, or we could say "we spent 100 years doing it wrong and now we know how to do it clean, you guys should learn from our experience instead of going the dirty way first".

But that means we'd have to allow people to build nuclear power plants, and ZOMG NUCULAR DEATH CHERNOBYL FUKISHIMA!!!!!

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